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23 Jan 2024

Effective teeth whitening options

Having a white and clean smile makes you more confident and attractive. However, many people have discoloured teeth for several reasons, including avoidable and unavailable causes. Many teeth whitening treatments are available, but most are ineffective and may damage your teeth.

Since more people are undergoing teeth whitening, many health and beauty companies are introducing whitening products to maximise profit. Before choosing any teeth whitening product or treatment, proper research is important.

The cheapest and fastest whitening solutions may not work for you. Researching online will give you several results. Some options are more effective than others, and you have to consider that teeth shade varies, so you can't achieve certain teeth shades with some effective teeth whitening options.

Below are some common teeth whitening options and information on whether they are effective or not.

In-chair teeth whitening

You will undergo the whitening in a dental chair for an in-chair whitening. The dental professional will apply a whitening agent to your teeth and use a light to accelerate the whitening process.

In-chair teeth whitening involves using products like Philips Zoom and Enlighten whitening.

  • How effective is the treatment?

    In-chair teeth whitening is a good option if you want an immediate result, but it needs further whitening treatments and maintenance. It also costs more due to the time in chair, professional skill and materials needed.

  • How fast will the result show?

    This whitening treatment takes about an hour, and afterward, you will see a noticeable change in your teeth' colour. But, you still need whitening at home to improve the treatment's efficiency.

  • How much is it?

    In-chair teeth whitening costs about £500 - £600.

  • Is the treatment worth it?

    It is perfect for whitening your teeth if you can afford in-chair teeth whitening.

Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening involves using two custom-made whitening trays. These trays fit your teeth' shape, and you will wear them after applying the whitening agent. You can wear the trays while carrying out your daily activities.  

  • How effective is the treatment?

    Home teeth whitening is as effective as the in-chair whitening but costs less.

  • How fast will the results show?

    Results will be visible from about one week and a half. Depending on your teeth shade and desired result, you will need the wear your trays for ten days, from one hour to overnight.

  • How much is it?

    Home teeth whitening costs between £399. 

  • Is the treatment worth it?

    Compared to other whitening options, home teeth whitening allows you to control the result and is less likely to cause sensitivity. It is also less expensive than in-chair teeth whitening.

Whitening toothpaste

Many whitening toothpaste brands are available. These products are often branded as charcoal toothpaste or whitening toothpaste.

Most whitening toothpaste brands do not contain any active ingredient, while others are missing vital ingredients such as fluoride that maintain healthy teeth.

Charcoal toothpaste is often less abrasive than teeth whitening toothpaste, but no evidence is available to prove its effectiveness for stain removal.

  • How effective is the treatment?

    Dental professionals believe that charcoal toothpaste is ineffective and may negatively affect your teeth' aesthetics. Charcoal particles in the toothpaste may be embedded in cracks between your teeth or margins on restoration, such as fillings, veneers, and crowns, causing further staining.

  • How fast will the result show?

    You may not notice changes in your teeth' colour from using whitening or charcoal toothpaste. Although some brands of whitening toothpaste can provide a visible result, they are abrasive and will damage your enamel, increasing the risk of staining over time. Any short-term improvement isn't worth the damage in the future.

  • How much is it?

    Whitening toothpaste can cost from £3 - £15, depending on the brand

  • Is the treatment worth it?

    Spending on whitening toothpaste may not be worth it. They come with the risk of damaging the enamel, and those without fluoride rob the teeth of an essential mineral.

Whitening strips and kits

Like whitening toothpaste, many companies produce teeth whitening strips that promise to whiten the teeth quickly. However, most of the products do not contain active whitening ingredients.

Before purchasing any whitening kit, ensure you consult your dental professional. They can inform you if the product is safe and suitable for you.

  • How effective is the treatment?

    Teeth whitening strips and kits are not usually effective and can damage your enamel.

  • How fast will the result show?

    You may not see noticeable results even after use for an extended period.

  • How much do they cost?

    Whitening strips and kits cost about £5 - £40.

  • Is the treatment worth it?

    Spending on whitening kits and strips isn't always worth it.

Professional Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning can remove surface stains from the teeth. This option involves a procedure called Airflow. Airflow is a powerful technique employing fine power, water, and air to remove stains from the teeth.

Airflow makes the teeth whiter because it removes ant deposits and stains on the teeth.

  • How effective is the treatment?

    If your teeth stains result from a lack of visiting the dentist, a professional cleaning can make your teeth whiter. However, if you always visit the dentist and want your teeth to be whiter, you may need other teeth cleaning options.

  • How fast will the results show?

    The airflow technique reduces your time in a dental chair from 20 minutes to seven minutes. You can have whiter teeth within ten minutes.

  • How much does it cost?

    A first-time professional teeth cleaning can cost about £120, but subsequent sessions cost about £95.

  • Is professional cleaning worth it?

    Professional cleaning is a perfect option for removing teeth stains for some people but may not give others their desired result.

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