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17 Apr 2024

How Often You Need to Clean Your Teeth for Optimal Oral Health

Do you want to prevent the problem of gum disease and tooth decay? If yes, then professional teeth cleaning can help to clean your mouth properly and get rid of plaque and bacteria. Both the dentists and the hygienists conduct professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s clinic along with a dental examination to take care of your oral health.

It is essential to see a dentist regularly for thorough cleaning of your mouth and teeth. Some people find the best frequency visit will be once every 6 months for a cleaning but if you are at greater risk for getting gum disease, then you need to visit a dentist often. Let us take a look at how often you should clean your teeth.

How often should you proffesionally clean your teeth?

According to dentists, you need to visit the dental clinic once in every 6 months for mouth cleanings. This enables the dentist to take a look at your teeth and know if there is anything to deal with such as gingivitis or cavities.

The frequency for oral care visit needs to be determined in conversation with the dental professional. This depends on specific risk factors for gum disease and tooth loss.

You might be at greater risk for gum disease if you:

  • suffer from diabetes
  • have a family record of gum disease
  • smoke tobacco

Are there any drawbacks of cleaning teeth professionally more frequently

Your dentist will give advice whether you can be benefitted from professional teeth cleaning more than two times in a year.

What happens at the time of cleaning teeth?

The teeth cleaning method will differ according to the dental practitioner, but there are basic steps for a teeth cleaning visit. The entire process generally takes less than one hour. If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, a light numbing agent can be applied to your teeth and gums before you start with the treatment process.

  • Cleaning

Tartar, plaque and stains can be removed from the teeth at this stage. Your dentist or hygienist will clean hard-to-reach areas of your mouth with special tools to get rid of stubborn plaque. They will clean the space between your teeth with the help of special hygiene tools and techniques. You will rinse out your mouth at the end.

  • Polishing

After this, your teeth will be polished. The dentist uses a rotating head with the help of paste to shine teeth so that they are cleaned properly.

The hygienist uses a tool known as Prophy-Jet, which uses abrasive powders, pressurized air and water to get rid of debris, plaque and stains.

  • Fluoride treatment

If you want to prevent the problem of cavities, the dentist or hygienist applies fluoride treatment to your teeth. This fluoride treatment may be a gel, a paste or a varnish.

At the end of cleaning process, they will talk to you about maintaining good dental hygiene habits and suggest products for keeping your teeth healthy and strong at home.

How much will be the cost for cleaning teeth?

Generally it can be from £99 to over £360 depending on the type of cleaning needed.

How should you care for your teeth between cleanings?

The most suitable way to have healthy teeth is by maintaining good oral hygiene habits. This will include brushing teeth for 2 minutes and twice in a day and flossing daily.

Get your teeth cleaned by the professionals so that you can improve your oral health. The frequency of this method can be determined on a case-by-case basis with your dentist. Ask your dentist how often they suggest cleaning teeth depending on your present health, family record and any risk factors for mouth cavities and gum disease.

How long can you go without a dental cleaning?

You need to visit a dental hygienist at least once every year for the annual examination. Generally, your teeth cleaning will include this visit and it is advised not to skip this examination.

It is important to practice good dental hygiene to protect teeth from cavities and lessen the risks of gum disease. This mean there is no need to see a dentist often as you require fewer visits to address your dental problems.

Thus, you need to book an expert teeth cleaning service today and get your teeth cleaned to prevent bacteria and dirt.