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24 Jan 2024

6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stains from Your Teeth

Do you know the importance of maintaining good dental health and hygiene? Obviously, you do not get any renewal in case the teeth fall out suddenly. One of the easiest ways to know your oral health condition is by examining stains on the teeth. Well, tooth stains are really very irritating which can leave a bad impact on your social life and career. It is possible to remove stains and this blog post discusses some methods to achieve your brighter and whiter teeth. Continue reading to know how to get rid of stains on teeth quickly.

  1. Use Whitening Toothpaste – Whitening toothpaste is good at getting rid of stains from the teeth.
  2. Floss - Floss daily for cleaning in between the teeth.
  3. Use Electric Tooth Brush - Use an electric tooth brush as instructed by a dentist or hygienist. Take time to reach all the surfaces of your teeth.
  4. Consume A Better Diet – There can be stains on the teeth when you drink excessive tea, coffee and red wine. You should try to lessen their intake to reduce the tannins in your mouth.
  5. Ultrasonic Scaling – The method is performed by the dentist it is generally not a painful treatment. The areas in between the teeth with a scalar. This type of cleaning cannot be done at home and the dentist will polish your teeth after.
  6. Professional teeth whitening uses take home trays and sometimes whitening lights in surgery. Gel is provided for you to whiten your teeth. This can only be done under instruction by a professional.

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