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Airflow Polishing
Airflow Polishing

Airflow Teeth Polishing London

Air Flow Polishing – Get Cleaner and Brighter Teeth

We provide Airflow treatment to people who have stained teeth and want to whiten them using a natural dental procedure. This treatment is a new technology which combines the power of both water and air to whiten the teeth naturally. Airflow polishing helps remove coffee, red wine, nicotine, and tea stains from the teeth. It is a suitable treatment option for people with sensitive teeth as the treatment helps reduce teeth sensitivity because the fine particles fill the gaps in the dentine.

The Airflow treatment polishes all the tooth surfaces removing for getting rid of discolouration or plaque deposits. It will reach up to 5mm into the periodontal pockets with powerful jet of water, controlled by our oral hygienists.

To remove stains on your teeth, visit Dental Hygienist London at Flat 1, 70 Great Russell St. Holborn, London WCIB 3BN or call us on 020 31375055 to book an appointment for your airflow polishing.

Reasons to Choose Airflow Polishing

  1. Effective cleaning: Get rid of all stains and plaque with a high-pressured blast of water, air and bicarbonate through a small, focused nozzle.
  2. Patient’s comfort: There aren’t any scraping tools. This is a new method of teeth cleaning and the procedure is not painful.
  3. Sensitive teeth: Without direct contact, both heat and vibration will make this a suitable treatment for patients with sensitive teeth.
  4. Fast cleaning: The airflow polishing method is three times quicker than the traditional procedure and it causes less damage to your teeth.
  5. Pre-orthodontic treatment: The Airflow method is a good option before any orthodontic procedure as it cleans your tooth surface by removing nearly 100 percent of bacteria and endotoxins, preparing teeth for bonding.

FAQs about Airflow Polishing:

Airflow polishing is a new cleaning procedure that combines three elements - jet water, sodium bicarbonate and air. It helps in proper cleaning of the teeth without causing any damage by increasing its brightness and giving you a fresh and healthy mouth in minutes.

A powerful jet of air, powder polish and water are focused on the tooth surface to get rid of the soft deposits, discolouration, and plaque. It is extremely efficient when compared to the scale and polish method for eliminating stains. Air polishing is a safe option to use with veneers, dental implants, bridges, crowns and orthodontics.

Airflow treatment is great for maintaining your dental health and hygiene and is the best possible treatment available to manage gum or periodontal disease. You may always want to consider it for special occasions such as weddings, job interviews or holidays.

Just like teeth polishing procedures, Air Polishing does not cause any harm to the enamel of your tooth and removes unwanted stains completely. This technique can be used on dental implants too, without causing any risk of damage and the process is completely safe.

Most patients have found Air Polishing to be a great alternative to scale and polish tooth cleaning. This jet stream can reach between the teeth and under your gumline for to give effective cleaning without using instruments.

If you want to keep the teeth glossy, then we suggest a cleaning that includes scaling and polishing once in every six months. For patients who accumulate build-up quickly or suffer from periodontal disease and we would recommend polishing every two months.

Tooth polishing procedures help to polish your teeth and get rid of unwanted stains, plaque, and microorganisms formed on the teeth’s outer surface. The benefit of tooth polishing over tooth scaling is that it does not involve any pain.

The cost of a scale and polish will differ. In the case of private treatment, it will be charged for the length of the appointment. You may require a double appointment or even longer for the procedure. Prices may vary but you can expect to pay somewhere from £35 to £50 for a15 minute appointment with your dental hygienist.