Hygiene and Dental TREATMENT FEES

The cost of getting different dental hygiene treatments in London varies, it depends on the type of treatment you need. The professional carrying out the treatment will inform you of the cost of your treatment prior to beginning.

Below, you will find the usual costs of various dental treatments.

The Hygiene prices are as follow

Scale and Polish — £79

Dental Hygienist Session — £110

Additional Airflow — £ 35

Periodontal deep clean with local anaesthetic — Per Arch £195

Airflow polish (additional) — £35

Fluoride Varnish — £25

Recalls and consultation

  • New patient consultation and treatment

This dental treatment usually lasts for about an hour, and it involves oral assessment, creation of a treatment plan, cleaning the teeth and oral cancer screening. It cost about £59.

  • Routine recall visit

This visit usually lasts for 30 – 40 minutes. It involves the hygienist or dentist cleaning the teeth to remove stains plaque and tartar. It also includes polishing the teeth checking the gums and giving your specific advice for maintaining your oral health. You need your recall visit every 1 – 6 months, and each visit cost between £89 - £120.

Periodontal treatments

  • Initial periodontal assessment

The assessment usually lasts for about 30 minutes, and the dentist carries out a full mouth assessment to check how severe the disease is by measuring six points around the affected teeth. After this, your dentist will create an oral health regime suitable for you to prepare you for your treatment. The assessment costs about £80.

  • Periodontal treatment appointments

You usually need two to four appointments for your periodontal treatment each week, which cost from £175. Each periodontal treatment appointment usually lasts for 60 – 90 minutes depending on the number of affected teeth and your need for a local anaesthetic.

  • Treatment review and mouth cleaning

This lasts for about 30 – 45 minutes, and it will be eight weeks after your periodontal treatment. Your dentist will check if your periodontal disease is healing, then discuss your maintenance plan, and refer you to a specialist if necessary. The cost of a treatment review and full mouth cleaning is £89.

  • Supportive maintenance therapy for periodontal disease

It costs about £120 for supportive maintenance therapy and this needs to be done every 3 – 6 months. It involves a full mouth cleaning by the dental hygienist.

Air polishing

  • Air polishing

It cost £35, and it involves whitening the teeth naturally. Air polishing removes coffee, nicotine, red wine, and tea stains. It is additionally charged to any hygiene treatments.

  • Air polishing with braces

This tales about 45 minutes to an hour and it costs £120.

  • Air polishing after removing braces

It also takes about 45 minutes and costs £120.

Dental care

Dental care involves the dentist cleaning your teeth thoroughly and giving you useful advice to maintain your oral health.

Children below 14 years

  • Tooth brushing technique and cleaning

This appointment may last for about 30 minutes. It involves cleaning, tooth brush instruction and polishing at the cost of £70.

  • Routine recall

The child needs this appointment with the hygienist every, 3, 6, or 12 months depending on what the dentist recommends. Each visit cost £70.

Teeth whitening

  • Enlighten teeth whitening using custom trays

First, the dentist will take your teeth impressions to make the whitening trays. When the trays are available, you will use them at home alongside an in chair appointment we provide whitening gel to whiten your teeth. It costs from £495.

  • In-chair and home teeth whitening with trays

This costs about £550, and it involves the dentist taking your teeth impressions then providing you with whitening trays for use at home.

  • Custom-made bleaching trays

They cost about £299.

Note that the processes stated above are only a guide and may change depending on your individual needs.

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