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Dental Hygienist Fees
Dental Hygienist Fees

Hygiene and Dental TREATMENT FEES

Treatments Cost
Private Dental Examination £95
Saturday Appointments For Urgent Treatments From £130
After Hours Opening Charge From £260
Emergency Examination £95
Crown Recement From £150
Temporary filling From £125
Recement metal crown or bridge From £150
Recement of ceramic crown or bridge From £150
Small Xrays £15
Large (panoral) Xrays £65
Hygiene From £99
Airflow From £35
Extensive Hygiene From £110
Periodontal deep clean with local anaesthetic Per Arch From £195
Composite (white ) fillings From £260 to £400
Amalgam (metal) fillings From £180
Dental bonding (per tooth) From £350 - £450
Composite veneers From £450
Porcelain Bonded Crown From £1195
All-Ceramic Crowns From £1195
Full Gold Crowns From £1195
High Lustre Zirconia Crown From £1200
Inlays/Onlays From £1055
Veneers From £1100
Zirconia From £1100
Root Canal Treatment Incisor From £895
Root Canal Treatment Premolar From £895
Root Canal Treatment Molar From £945
Root Canal by Endodontist after consultation
Simple Extraction From £200
Surgical extractions From £250
Wisdom tooth extraction From £375
Implant and crown From £2240 (Nobel Biocare)
Invisalign treatment with Consultation including £1150 off this month From £2650
Six months Smiles and Cfast From £1800
Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening From £399
Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening From £495
Enlighten Home and in-office combo whitening From £650
Zoom Home and Office Teeth Whitening From £650