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Routine Continuing Dental Care
Routine Continuing Dental Care

Routine Continuing Dental Care

Routine continuing dental care serves as a preventive dental treatment. It involves the dentist providing a extensive and wide spanning oral check and advice for each patient, to keep their mouth clean and fresh. It also involves looking at and advising how to keep each patient’s mouth clean to avoid the risk of gum disease.

Steps Involved in Our Routine Dental Care Procedure

Our dentist will look out for and alert you of any developing dental problems such as signs associated with tooth decay or cavities.

The dentist will also advise you on a treatment plan. You can have your teeth cleaned, which can also identify any health issues that need attention.

After each session of your continuing dental care, you will appreciate the effects for months, and you will be encouraged to adhere to your dental maintenance pattern at home. Make an appointment for routine dental check up or hygienist sessionevery 3 to 6 months.

Our Routine Dental Care Services Includes:

Regular oral examination

As a routine examination, your mouth, teeth and gums will be assessed and you will be screened for any signs of oral cancer. We will enquire about your general health and check if you have had any problems with your mouth, gums and teeth since your last visit. You may be given advice on your diet, the use of cigarettes and alcohol and tooth-cleaning habits. We suggest you see a hygienist and have x-rays to check beneath the tooth surface.

Oral cancer examination

During dental examination, the dentist or hygienist will detect any signs of oral cancer. He or she will feel your neck beneath the jaw and inside your cheeks and lips and examine the sides of your tongue and the roof of your mouth. By following this preventative oral care evaluation, we check for any signs of mouth cancer early.

Treatment for toothache

Our clinic accepts new patients. Whether you are changing dentist or you are new to the area and suffering from toothache or other dental emergency our dentists are always willing to help you. Dental X-rays may be suggested after discussing your problems.

Scaling and Polishing

This is generally done to get rid of stubborn stains from your teeth as well as tartar and plaque. You will benefit from a scale and polish for your teeth. This will help prevent gum disease like periodontics and gingivitis. Based on your needs, the next appointment for a scale and a polish will be given along with instructions for your improved oral hygiene.

If you are concerned about your oral health, visit Dental Hygienist London at Flat1, 70 Great Russell St. Holborn, London WCIB 3BN or call us on 020 31375055 to book an appointment with us for your routine and continuing dental care.