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Welcome to Dental Hygienist London

We are a known dental hygiene clinic, conveniently located at Suites, 70 Great Russell St, Holborn, London WC1B 3BN. We have an experienced team of professional dental hygienists who provide a comprehensive range of teeth cleaning procedures like airflow therapy, scale and polish by using advanced tools. Our dental hygienists will not only remove surface stains and plaque from your teeth and also offer good dental hygiene to prevent gum disease.

It is a good idea to visit a dental hygienist regularly near in your area to get expert advise on keeping a good oral hygiene. You can call us or book an appointment online with our experienced London hygienist who is dedicated to improving your oral health. We ensure your dental hygiene session is comfortable and relaxed at our modern dental hygiene centre.

About Us

What is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is an oral health expert who helps in the prevention and treatment of gum related dental diseases. The oral hygienists carry out their work under general supervision only from a licensed dentist. The hygienists play a vital role in dental teams and their workload plays a significant role when combined with the dentist and allow dentist to perform their advanced procedures. So, it is quite common for the hygienists to perform different preventive dental treatments in the office such as cleaning teeth, assessing patients for oral diseases and other preventative dental care needs. They also give proper education to patients on various ways to improve as well as maintain good oral health and hygiene.

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

One of the major differences between your dentist and the hygienist is the overall function of their own roles. You need to spend some time with your dentist when there is a problem which can be you require in depth for infection or there is a cavity that should be filled. On the other hand, a dental hygienist will help to maintain preventative care and prevent other significant issues. He is usually responsible for cleaning teeth during a dental appointment. The hygienists scrapes tartar and then plaque off from the teeth as well as polish them. He will also perform X-rays of gums and teeth by providing fluoride to patients and then use the sealants to your teeth for getting rid of cavities. The hygienist might be reviewing different ways to take proper care of teeth and overall dental health at home. He will give valuable tips on several ways to brush properly and floss daily as well as what foods you can eat and avoid for your strong and healthy mouth.

Meet Our Dental Hygienist

Jack Button

(Dental Hygienist)

Nicole Sadler

Graduated as a hygienist from Kings College University London in 2005.

Nicole, has experience working with both adults and children, and is especially good at helping nervous patients feel at ease with her informal and friendly manner. She also has an amazing ability to identify individual patient needs and provide a more personalised course of treatment for each patient.

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What to expect during a hygienist appointment

Your dental hygienist is likely to question you about your oral health before they look in your mouth. They will also screen for cancer by looking for any suspicious lesions in your mouth and will also examine the skin around the mouth for any abnormalities.

Next your hygienist they will evaluate any risk or evidence of periodontal disease by examining the skin around the gum line. They will also look for any decay and identify and evaluate any other dental problem that they see.

We offer our patients 3 levels of dental hygiene treatment:


This is polishing and scaling where any tartar or plaque will be removed often in one appointment although if the situation is more complex it may be in a set of appointments.


This level of dental hygiene involves treatment stain removal being carried out with Airflow. We find that the Airflow technique gives really excellent results and our clients are always pleased with how clean that teeth look after treatment with Airflow. This treatment is particularly good at removing stains from hard-to-reach places. Where patients have severe gingivitis, the hygienist treatment may be needed with deep scaling that can be conducted under a local anaesthetic.

If a patient has advanced periodontitis, our hygienist can apply periodontal therapy with laser that will be used in conjunction with other procedures to help patients with gum disease. If a patient does undergo a course of treatment for periodontitis, the hygienist will watch them carefully over the following three months to ensure that the improvement is maintained. If the patient has any persistent pockets or resistant sites of periodontitis we can apply a localised treatment that will resolve the problem.


The third level of our hygienist dental treatment is really aimed at an intervention where there is gum disease. We find that if these cases are managed carefully surgery can be avoided.

Professional Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene Treatment Procedures

Dental hygiene check at Dental Hygienist London Clinic

Scale and Polish

A scale and polish is a comprehensive tooth cleaning method carried out by a dental hygienist. The method usually has two steps.

Firstly, scraping is done to eliminate tartar and plaque from around your teeth. This is called scaling which can be done with a piece of electric equipment that oscillates at great speed. This instrument consists of a sharp tip which usually emits a jet of water which is perfect for removing calculus and plaque. Sometimes, the unwanted stains can be stubborn, and additional work and treatment may be needed. In this case, the hygienist uses manual instruments which enable them to access harder to reach areas. Some instruments just ‘do the job’ for specific areas of the mouth.

When the hygienist finds your teeth have been descaled to the best possible standard, your teeth will be polished. Your hygienist uses a rotating pad and good toothpaste for cleaning the teeth including those hard-to-reach areas which are really difficult to do when you clean them yourself This special polishing method further protects your teeth by giving a comprehensive clean.

Bad Dental health - Dental Hygienist London

Airflow Therapy

Airflow therapy is a dental hygiene treatment which removes stains, plaque and discoloration with water, fine powder particles and compressed air. The three components can be combined in a high-powered jet that removes stains gently from your teeth including hard reaching areas and biofilm from below as well as above your gum line. Dental plaque is a biofilm of harmful bacteria which can grow on the surface within your mouth.

This innovative spray technology will be enable access to all hard-to-reach areas to remove damaging biofilm effectively which develops above and below the gum and will improve oral health. With airflow therapy, stains and build up are removed painlessly and prevented from becoming harmful for a period of about 90 days.

Dental Hygienist London


Seeing your dental hygienist can provide several benefits that will make you feel happy and healthy. Whether or not you want to visit a hygienist, healthy teeth are essential for your beautiful smile and the sense of improved confidence comes with it. Are you avoiding the dental hygienist’s chair for quite some time? Below are some reasons why you need to visit a dental hygienist from time to time:

Prevent gum disease

You can treat gum disease when it is detected at early stages. When your gum disease develops into the later stages, it might lead to severe bleeding, bad breath, loss of teeth and painful gums. Your hygienist will be treating gum disease and give you proper knowledge of how to prevent it at home.

Avoid bad breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, occurs due to an underlying dental problem. The odor usually occurs due to the formation of plague or bacteria around your teeth or under the gum line. If your bad breath had occurred due to the latter, then a dental hygienist can only solve the problem.

Restore whiter smile

You might develop unwanted stain marks by using the teeth in due course. The external stains which are there on the teeth cannot be removed through brushing. These stains are found when you drink tea, red wine, coffee, tobacco and other colored foods or drinks. A dental hygienist can remove the stains to restore the color of your teeth.

Prevent oral cancer

Other than the scale and polish, your dental hygienist will detect for early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer can be treated when detected early. He will give valuable advice on the risk factors of oral cancer and how to lessen them. You are at greater risk if you are a smoker, drink too much alcohol or have been infected with HPV virus.

Costs of our dental hygiene treatments

Treatments Cost
Hygiene £99
Airflow £35
Extensive Hygiene £110

Book a Hygienist Appointment for Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning

Our dental plan offers suitable coverage for your two dental checkups with thorough mouth cleanings twice in a year. You need to book an appointment with the dental hygienist for routine checkups and ensure you achieve better oral health. You should tell him about the medications you take and any changes you have recently done in your lifestyle.

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Advice to MaintainGood Dental Hygiene

During an appointment with the dental hygienist, he will give personalised advice on taking proper care of your teeth and improving dental health at home. For this, there are some effective suggestions on how to use dental floss, how to select the right toothbrush to use and the correct angle to hold your toothbrush for cleaning teeth. You have to book an appointment with the hygienist for routine checkups and ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong.

These tips should be followed to maintain improved dental health and hygiene:

  • Brush and floss teeth regularly
  • Visit a dentist for routine checkups
  • Schedule regular appointments with the hygienist
  • Clean your mouth thoroughly
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Avoid eating sticky foods and colored drinks.
  • Use a mouthwash to clean tongue properly.
  • Quit the habit of smoking.
Tooth Brushing Tips – Dental Hygienist London

The best way for you to manage yourdental health is to prevent problems starting

Tooth Brushing Tips – Dental Hygienist London

There is no doubt that keeping regular appointments with the hygienist will help to avoid the development of gum disease. You will be able to put inflamed, bleeding gums and toothache behind you, provided you take the advice of your hygienist and attend regularly for check-ups. Our professional an experienced team of dental hygienists are waiting to welcome you and to give you the reassurance of knowing that you are doing everything you can to ensure your good dental health.

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