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24 Jan 2024

Why You Should Professionally Clean Your Teeth

Dental care at home, such as flossing, brushing your teeth at least two times a day with an electric toothbrush, and even using the right teeth cleaning techniques, such as spitting out your toothpaste after brushing instead of rinsing your mouth, are important for maintaining your oral health.

However, your dental care routine at home may not provide you with the maximum protection for dental issues. This makes professional teeth cleaning from your dental hygienist a vital aspect of caring for your teeth.

Even with proper dental care at home, here are some reasons to always book professional teeth cleaning appointments.

Prevent tartar and plaque buildup

Regardless of how often and how well you care for your teeth, plaques and tartar will accumulate on them from the mineral in your saliva and naturally-occurring bacteria. Although a good home dental routine will resolve and prevent many issues, there’s no guarantee of having plaque or tartar-free teeth.

Over time, plaque can harden this is known as tartar, and only professional dental cleaning can remove them. This prevents the tartar from eroding your enamel and making it susceptible to other dental issues.

Ensures proper teeth cleaning

Cleaning all corners of your teeth, including the hard-to-reach areas, may not be possible. Even when you want to take a longer period to clean your teeth, your can’t see the areas that need more attention for proper cleaning.

While brushing your teeth, you will likely clean the front area properly, but you can’t be sure of properly cleaning areas around your molars and the back of your teeth. These areas that people don’t often reach need more care because they are close to the salivary glands and will likely buildup plaques faster.

With professional dental cleaning, you will have a more thorough cleaning. If you wear fixed orthodontic devices, the dental cleaning will ensure areas behind the braces or retainers are clean to prevent infection.

Professional cleaning is painless

Most dental hygienist appointments are quick and more comfortable than most people think. In most cases, the initial treatment is with the latest dental hygiene technology called an Airflow device.

This technology combines fine powder and water to remove the surface teeth stains and tartar. This cleaning method is more effective than home teeth cleaning but also gentle. Most patients report no pain during this teeth cleaning method.

If you’re likely to feel pain, the hygienist may administer or apply numbing agents to protect against extreme sensitivity.

A boost in confidence

Professional teeth cleaning leave you with cleaner teeth and a brighter smile, which immediately boosts self-confidence in many people. Removing stains on the teeth from coffee, red wine, tea, and smoking is possible in one appointment.

Routine visits to the dental hygienist can maintain your smile and is the first step in your teeth whitening journey.

Prevents gum disease

Research shows that most adults experience a degree of gum disease at some period in their life. Many people only experience the earliest stage of gum disease – gingivitis. In this stage, slight swelling in the gums and bleeding may occur from brushing. Bad breath or halitosis is also common in people with gingivitis.

Without treatment and adequate dental care, gingivitis may progress to themore aggressive periodontitis stage. Periodontitis is a more severe condition that leads to erosion of the jaw bone and makes the teeth loose, weak,and in time possibly need removal

Gum disease occurs from the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, but regular teeth cleaning from the dental hygienist will clean out bacteria deposits that may cause gum disease.

Periodontitis is linked to other health conditions such as diabetes and heart problems, including oral cancer and issues during pregnancy. Routine visits to the hygienist for teeth cleaning can reduce the risk of these health issues.

Aids early diagnosis of issues

During your hygienist appointment, the dental professional can identify early symptoms of issues and order a further examination to determine the cause of the symptom. Oral lesions and other symptoms can easily go unnoticed without these routine appointments until they have caused extensive damage.

A basic periodontal examination (BPE) and plaque score carried out during every dental hygiene appointment helps to monitor gum disease and preserves gum health.

You get oral care product recommendations from a professional

Different dental products are available in the market, but not all are suitable for you, and you may not know how to choose the right ones.

Using the right oral care products is important for maintaining your oral health. Depending on your dental issues, whether bleeding gums, difficulty flossing, or increased susceptibility to mouth ulcers, your dental hygienist can recommend the right product to address the issue. This recommendation often covers interdental brushes, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

Dental insurance plans cover it

Most dental insurance plans cover routine teeth cleaning because it benefits them if you do not have dental issues that require expensive treatments.

People without dental insurance can also pay for routine teeth cleaning because it is affordable and benefits both your oral and general health. Paying for teeth cleaning appointments is more affordable than waiting until you develop an issue that requires more money and takes a longer treatment time.

Your oral health depends on certain factors such as diet, lifestyle, medications, and genetics. Depending on these factors, your hygienist can inform you how often you need teeth cleaning.

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