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24 Jan 2024

10 Suitable Ways to Remove Stains from Your Teeth

Do you know the importance of maintaining good dental health and hygiene? Obviously, you do not get any renewal in case the teeth fall out suddenly. One of the easiest ways to know your oral health condition is by examining stains on the teeth. Well, tooth stains are really very irritating which can leave a bad impact on your social life and career. It is possible to remove stains and this blog post discusses about 10 suitable ways for your brighter and whiter teeth.

Continue reading to know how to get rid of stains on teeth quickly.

1. Use whitening toothpaste 

White is extremely good to get rid of stains from the teeth. The brushing technique is a matter of concern and the best way is to brush up and down and in sideways. The plaque is very sticky which does not shift easily. You should brush twice a day but when you do often, it can lose teeth enamel. Make sure you brush back side of the teeth too as there can be dark stains. Floss daily for cleaning in between the teeth. Though it is hard, it can save your teeth.

2. Take baking soda 

Take baking soda in large spoons and form a paste with some water drops to spread it in an even way. Then run this mixture in the teeth before you brush as it is a natural way to whiten teeth. This sodium compound is somewhat abrasive due to presence of salt which rubs gently against the teeth to get rid of stains. You will have to continue this for a month for seeing improvements.

3. Apply activated charcoal 

This black powder is made from heating wood with various medical uses like treating overdose of drugs. Though it is a great way to get rid of unwanted stains from the tooth, it may make the surface rougher unless being used in moderation. Make sure you do not use it daily as the tooth enamel may wear away.

4. Put Hydrogen Peroxide 

It is a natural bleaching agent which can be used with diluted solution that does not have more than 3% chemical. Form a paste with three spoons of baking soda and one spoon of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting paste is perfect for your attractive smile. Of course, it won’t happen in the first time, but you will be able to find the difference after one week.

5. Rub with fruit peel 

You may use any type of peel such as lemon, banana or orange. Rub teeth with this peel once you are done with brushing. Since fruit peel has citric acid, it has similar effect like use of water and vinegar for cleaning stained glassware. Due to acidic property, the peel may dissolve different kinds of stains and make your teeth appear clean and healthy.

6. Consume better diet 

There can be stains on the teeth when you drink excessive tea, coffee and red wine. You should try to lessen their intake and give mouth full break from the tannins. You will find your teeth are several shades whiter after a few months. The stains might occur due to drinking colored liquids around the mouth most of the time. Take in moderation and see the difference quickly. You can get rid of toothache too.

7. Use whitening strips 

These whitening strips are thin plastic strips which are coated with carbamide peroxide gel. You have to apply it as the gel will press against tooth enamel and then clean it. After this, remove and wash mouth with warm water. Reuse them at least three times a week for most strips in order to attain the best effect. If you use it in excess, you risk losing the tooth enamel and suffer from the problem of sensitivity.

8. Eat fruits 

Some fruits do not have even texture and when you chew them, they rub against your tooth surface. The exfoliation is food for tooth surface which acts like a stain remover. Both pineapple and papaya can also help to get rid of unwanted stains. The former has papain while the latter include bromelain. Both of these digestive enzymes may help to get rid of tooth stains.

9. Whitening Pens 

Tooth whitening pens have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which acts in the form of gel. You need to apply it and then wait for bleaching agent for breaking down plaque. Their appeal is convenient and it is possible to use as lipstick-like device and then apply it to each tooth.

10. Ultrasonic scaling 

The method is performed by the dentist and does not involve any pain. By using pen-like device, the dentist can break down plaque and tartar easily. The ultrasound is a perfect option for this purpose as this does not cause any harm to your teeth. He will be cleaning the area in between the teeth with a curette and a scaler. This type of cleaning cannot be done at home and the dentist may ask polishing for making the surface smooth. Many dentists even provide whitening treatments and use same compounds like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as it won’t cause any damage to your teeth.

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