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Several types of dental treatments are available, each serves a particular purpose, but they all combine to help enhance your oral health and smile.

One of the more common services offered by our dental clinic is the new patient consultation and treatment where you would discuss your dental hygiene routine with your dental hygienist through direct access or through your dentist.

During a new patient consultation, the dental hygienist or dentist will thoroughly examine the gum and teeth to check for any sign of dental disease. The examination will include checking for gum disease, gum pocketing, bleeding, and tooth mobility, which helps to assess the severity of any dental disease. The dentist will also check for tartar and plaques under the gum and on the teeth.

If you have tartar and plaque deposits, the dentist will carefully remove them. The dentist will also remove stains from your teeth using an ultrasonic scaler, then do a manual scaling.

Scaling is a dental procedure where the dentist carefully removes toxins, plaques, contamination, micro-organisms, calculus, and tartar that have accumulated on the teeth and under the gums. Scaling helps make the teeth healthy and improve the smile. Finally, the dentist will polish your teeth to make them look silky, clean, and smooth.

Afterwards, your dentist will talk about your gum condition, and give you useful advice to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth. If you need any other treatment, the dentist will also advise about a suitable course of treatment. Your dentist will then inform you about the next appointment for maintaining your oral health.

During the appointment, you should inform the dentist if you have dental issues like TMJ, teeth grinding, or headaches.  Your dentist will always check for tooth decay and cavities. If necessary, your dentist will request for an X-ray of your teeth or refer you to a specialist for any specific dental treatment.

If you want to a consultation with a dentist to discuss your oral hygiene routine, visit Dental Hygienist London at Flat 1, 70 Great Russell St. Holborn, London WCIB 3BN or call us on 020 31375055 to book an appointment with us.


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