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16 Jun 2021

8 Reasons Why Your Teeth Should Be Cleaned By Experts

It is believed that you maintain good brushing and flossing habits. You may even have an electric toothbrush that does a good job of removing sugar and acid from your teeth. It's even possible that you don't rinse your mouth after brushing to keep the fluoride active in your mouth (this is highly recommended).

With all these beautiful daily dental care, is there any need for seeing a professional tohave your teeth cleaned? No one who does the above may think they still need experts right?

Well, even if your at-home dental hygiene regimen is superb, there are ample reasons you still need to see a dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning.

So, we will be showing you 8 reasons you need a professional dental scrub:

    To take care of unavoidable plaque and tartar formation

    You may be very good at cleaning your teeth at home, but there's no denying the fact that your saliva still carries minerals and bacteria which permits to some extent the formation of plaque and tartar. What does this mean for you? It is not possible to maintain excellent dental hygiene round-the-clock regardless of how well you try. This doesn't negate the impact of great teeth cleaning routine at home; it prevents a number of dental headaches. But when plaque develops into tartar (dental calcium), you can't take it out on your own without expert help. Should you neglect this, it will erode your teeth and make them less strong and vulnerable to other oral problems.

      Teeth cleaning is properly done

      You will agree that you can't see every nook and cranny of your mouth. Even if you do, there are areas that need more attention that your eyes may not see. While brushing in your house, the front part of your teeth looks clean, but what about your molars and back of the teeth? Do you know these parts of the teeth require extra care because they are near the salivary gland, which means the formation of plaque is imminent in these areas?

      Intensive cleaning is needed even more should you have undergone dental treatment. Bonded metal retainers can encourage the buildup of plaque after orthodontic work. If you have implants, you need to clean them thoroughly to keep infection at bay.

        The procedure is not painful

        Many dental hygienist appointments are done without wasting time and to ensure the patient is very comfortable. A significant chunk of the treatment is performed with air-flow technology (the most recent technique in dental hygiene). This method applies a blend of fine powder and water to take out stains and tartar from the teeth. It is a very gentle and efficient way of cleaning the teeth than at-home cleaning. Reports about this treatment show that it is actually pain-free, and patients even get carried away by the convenience that they fall asleep during the process.

        In case you suffer serious tooth sensitivity, there is no problem at all. We have numbing medications which can put you at ease.

          Increases self-confidence

          Just after having extensive professional teeth cleaning, you will feel good about yourself and better about your teeth. When you get out there, you can smile, laugh, and even intentionally expose those polished and stain-free pearly whites a little more than before. Who wouldn't want fresher breath and cleaner teeth? Everyone needs it! Sometimes, in just a single appointment, stains from beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and even smoking-related stains can be removed.

          It is recommended you see a dental hygienist before getting teeth whitening treatment. Also, after treatment, keeping your teeth as white as ever requires a hygienist's attention.

            Gum disease is kept at bay

            There is a growing concern that a lot of adults will experience gum disease somewhere in their lifetime based on reports.

            Gingivitis, a precursor to gum disease, may affect most adults. Here, there is bleeding during brushing, swelling of the gums, and sometimes halitosis (bad breath).

            Overtime, gingivitis could develop into the latter serious dental problem called periodontitis,which leads to jaw bone loss making the teeth to be weak, unstable, and sometimes fall off.

            Bacteria buildup causes gum disease. But routine dental hygienist care can discourage the growth of bacteria and eventually prevent gum disease. Keep in mind that other issues like cancer, heart disease, pregnancy-related problems, and diabetes are associated with periodontitis. So, attending routine hygienist appointment will keep your teeth very clean and put a hold on more chronic health conditions later in life. Be guided accordingly.

              Other problems can be diagnosed

              Your expert may identify other underlying health problems during the appointment that demands attention. You may not see or ignore small oral defects while taking care of your mouth at home. This is where professional cleaning comes in! Any minor undetected issue will be made visible and prevented from developing into more significant problems.

              We take a basic periodontal examination (BPE) and plaque score at every hygiene appointment to put gum disease in check and see that your gums remain healthy.

                Best advice on dental products

                There are so many dental products on the online and offline market. This could make patients get confused as to which products to buy. The right hygiene aids will improve your specific condition. So whether you have bleeding gum, flossing difficulty, or mouth ulcers, at your appointment, the hygienist will get to know these and even more. They can help you select the best toothpaste, toothbrushes, and any other product that will meet your requirements.

                  There is insurance cover

                  Most dental plans provide coverage for teeth cleaning since the provider may not want bigger oral issues to show up, which could be more pricey.

                  Whether or not a dental plan is covered, the cost of a professional teeth cleaning is not high, and the perks provide money-value. Is it not better to pay less and have your teeth cleaned and prevent perhaps some serious future oral problems? Invest in lowering the chances of poor dental health. It saves money, stress, and time.

                  People have different oral health conditions based on lifestyle, genetics, certain medications, and diet. Depending on how much care you need, the hygienist will arrange a treatment plan that will suit your needs, including the number of visits.

                  Your overall dental health regimen is capped off when you make routine appointments to the hygienist. Remember, it is a pain and fuss-free procedure that may even put you to sleep. Give it a try today; you might enjoy it.

                  We have a number of committed and well-trained professionals offering a myriad of hygienist treatment in London.

                  At our practice, we cover cosmetic, preventative, and specialist dentistry. So, you can get teeth whitening, orthodontic work, implants, periodontics, endodontics, treatment for gum disease, jaw problems, and tooth sensitivity amongst others.

                  We aim to provide high-quality dental services that will improve the lives of our patients, both new and existing. We want you to feel comfortable always, which is why we will make sure to give you the best care possible. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. You can give us a call on 020 31375055 today.

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